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Sarah Starrenburg

Discovering Depth of Field

“I didn’t tell you so that you would understand right now. I told you for later….freedom is an incremental process…the truth shall set you free and the truth has a name…Everything is about Him. And freedom is a process that happens inside a relationship with Him. Then all that stuff you feel churnin’ around inside will start to work its way out.” – The Shack

Freedom is an incremental process.

I had an experience of clarity recently as to the process of the inside stuff working its way out through a relationship with Him. How lengthy and powerful and gracious that journey can be.

I spent the day with a truly old friend I’ve known for almost two decades. We hadn’t spent real time together, though, in probably close to 12 years, and so one can’t help, in a situation like that, but think of all that has transpired within and around over the passage of time.

There’s a perspective that comes with distance – a depth of field to the meaning of the journey.

I realised in some ways I’m very much the same person, and in many more I am very much changed. In good ways, I think. It was true of us both, really. The fact that He whose name is the Truth had been the guide of both our journeys was evident and a source to me of sobering gratitude.

Because I know who I could have become. Easily.

I know that the land in which I could be an inhabitant right now could look much smaller, darker and colder. Much more full of fear. Instead, I have wide open spaces. I have bright light and hope. I have freedom.

And I don’t deserve any of it. I was as utterly stricken from the beginning of my days with a nature as broken as anyone who’s ever walked this earth, and yet I somehow got to hear. I got to believe. I got to live out a journey inside of a relationship with Truth, and alongside relationship with many who knew it too.

It’s the kind of reminder that brings you to gloriously grateful tears and a restoking of the fire to be as gracious an ambassador of that Freedom and Truth as I can possibly be.

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